About the Election

Thanks to all who voted! The redistricting proposal and mill levy were passed on February 13, 2018.  You may find more information on the election below.

WHAT is all this talk about the levy for the library?

  • Currently our library is funded by taxes collected within the township only.

  • The library is looking to expand the tax district from the town of Philipsburg to the Philipsburg School District 1

  • This will broaden the tax base to include more of the rural area population that the Philipsburg Public Library is actually serving. Data collected from 2015-2016 found that approximately 60% of the library patrons were from in town and 40% from outside the town limits. The usage continues to grow and the current estimate is at 50%/50%.

  • Creating a free public library multi-jurisdictional service district between the city and county begins this process

  • The formation of the multi-jurisdictional Philipsburg Library will include a tax levy on properties within the Philipsburg School District 1

WHY is this levy important?

  • The library needs stable funding year to year. Currently the budget from the town general fund fluctuates, depending on other priorities

  • More than 90% of the programs provided by the library are being held in alternate space. To keep pace with these programs we need upgraded equipment, supplies, and technology

  • Without the redistricting resolution and levy approval, the library will be unable to continue its growth and program expansion work.

  • The library will continue to augment funding with fundraising and grants

  • Philipsburg deserves a great library to serve its community with lifelong learning opportunities

WHO is impacted?

  • All property owners in the Philipsburg School District 1

  • Patrons will see improved services and program expansion

  • Visitors to our community regularly use the library for multiple reasons. The redistricting and levy will ensure the continuation of our current expanded hours and improved services

HOW much will the levy impact each property owner?

  • The proposal creates a multi-jurisdictional library district to be called the Philipsburg Area Community Library. This is the same process that Drummond used a few years ago

  • The direct property tax mill levy will raise $48,500 annually for the ongoing operations of the Community Library

  • This is approximately 6.4 mills

  • Based on the 2017 market values, the tax impact on a $100,000 is approximately $8.64 per year

  • The tax impact on a $200,000 is approximately $17.28 per year

WHEN will I see these changes?

  • The property taxes will change in November of 2019

  • The library will begin receiving these funds in 2020

WHY is a library important to a community?

  • It is a reflection of our community and our civic pride

  • It is a center for lifelong learning which gives people the opportunity to experience new ideas and explore great minds, supporting both children and adult independent learners

  • It is a community gathering place as well as a place where materials for recreation and leisure are available

  • It benefits the economy when business people use the library resources for decision-making, or employees use the library to improve job skills

  • It serves as an equalizer, offering access to materials and information to all people

Philipsburg Public Library recognizes its value and responsibility to the community as an educational, social and cultural resource and offers its facilities to individuals, organizations and companies for meetings, workshops and other activities

WHERE can I learn more?

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